Yoga From The Inside Out


Yoganerd is a dramatically different yoga teacher training. Sharpen your critical thinking skills. Hone the ability to teach to the body in front of you. Bring a deep sense of inquiry into the practice. Dive deeply into your interior landscape. Challenge the script. Discover yoga from the inside out.


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Meet Yoganerd’s lead instructors. We have a combination of yoga experience, biomechanics education, tons of teaching experience, backgrounds in dance & movement therapy, and mental health that makes for a truly one of a kind training.

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“This course blends yoga philosophy and body mechanics in a way that wholly captures the mind, body, and spirit of yoga practice. It focuses on all yoga styles, emphasizing that the teacher should practice and teach their yoga, rather than teaching the students one particular style. Most importantly, this course challenges students to always ask "the why" of yoga practice, encouraging students to be curious, inquisitive, and to never stop nerding-out over yoga.” -Jen

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2019/2020 Yoga Teacher Training Schedule

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A truly out of the box training. It offers something for everyone, no matter how extensive your yoga background.

— Robyn


Unique Objectives:

  • A training challenging the standard script.  This training will challenge the standard script of yoga teaching by creating your capacity to teach rooted in your intimate knowledge of your own practice from the inside out.

  • An intimate setting.  We are keeping this training small so we can make sure that each trainee gets the time and attention they deserve in this process.

When you have completed this training you will:

  • Know how to develop and sustain a life long personal practice

  • Have an in-depth understanding of yoga philosophy

  • Be able to apply the wisdom of yoga both on and off the mat

  • Have an understanding of actual ranges of motion and how to apply that to asana

  • Have the ability to recognize and adapt movement patterns and compensatory behaviors

  • Have a basic understanding of biomechanic principles and their application in asana

  • Gain a foundational understanding of human anatomy as applied to asana

  • Be able to bring Yoga to vulnerable populations

  • Have knowledge of Yoga for a variety of bodies

  • Be connected to a community of committed yoga nerds

  • Have experiential knowledge of how to lead a class thoughtfully, safely, and authentically

  • Have extensive practice teaching

  • The ability to cue safe movement through voice and demonstration

  • An understanding of clear professional boundaries to create a safe environment for yourself and your students


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