The training itself invites the student into a genuine practice and deeper understanding of yoga.
— Tyler

Words of Yoganerds


Going into this training I didn't know what to expect. I just knew I was searching for more insight into my personal practice and who I was as a yoga teacher. Yoganerd YTT exceeded every idea and expectation I had. It has not only changed the "why" behind my teaching, it has also helped me to deep dive into who I am as a yogi. If you are a seasoned yogi, a current teacher, or have never been to a yoga class, you will most definitely be welcomed, honored, and accepted into this beautiful community. It will change you for the better. I love yoga again.


This is a life changing experience! Barbara has a style of teaching that is inviting and accessible for everyone. She challenges her students to look within themselves to find their truth and discover their personal path. Thank you!


Gratitude. That is the simplest and most true way I can sum how I feel about being part of Yoganerd Yoga Teacher Training. Barb throws the "should" out the window and instead asks "why". Then Barb asks her students to do the same. What initially seems daunting becomes the most beautiful blank canvas for so much exploration and creativity. Warning: this type of freedom to explore and create may transcend out of asana and off the mat into other areas of your life.


When I get asked about Yoganerd Teacher Training my first response is "It's wicked awesome. You should do it."  Whether someone wants to teach or not doesn't matter. It will blow your practice, your world, wide open. I had been feeling stuck in life on and off the mat. I felt like I was going through the motions caught up in the spell that something better would come if I could just get through the day, the month, the year. Living that way sucked. Yoganerd YTT gave me a space, a community to get excited about life in this moment as I am. I got out of my own way, took care of myself, rediscovered excitement in learning, developed amazing relationships, and I am extremely grateful that I set out on this journey. Thank you!



This training was everything and nothing that I expected. I set the intention for it to be life changing but had no idea how that change would manifest. It has set me on a new direction both personally and professionally but a direction deeply rooted/connected to my authentic self.


As a student this training has changed the way I think about and approach yoga. My expectation was that yoga is accomplished in a very defined way—you learn a pose, you do the pose. The concepts of exploration and variability hadn’t really been presented to me. I’m grateful for veering from “the script”.

— s

I did not expect the Yoganerd Teacher Training to make me a better person, but I believe it has. Gaining knowledge from Barb, the Guest Teachers, and the shared resources I have learned so much about not only yoga but humanity! Movement and mindfulness are now a regular part of my life and I feel comfortable teaching what I have learned with others. The YTT was like a mini-retreat focusing on self care, the eight limbs of yoga, and fostering inquiry into the brain and body. I would recommend it to anyone interested in exploring or building on their yoga practice.


This training is heart and body work. It’s the kind of “work” that alters your life and redefines your sense of purpose.  This training will empower you and take you to your edge. It was such a privilege to get acquainted with my authentic self with the support of a loving community. What I thought I knew about strength was dismantled (in the best way!). We were given permission to be at home with our bodies, while also being given the tools to give others permission to honor their bodies. This training teaches you that yoga is all the things. I feel humbled by how much I still get to learn, but also energized and excited to share and grow the work that has forever changed my life and body.